Trying to Find a way out of the Sandtrap

In today’s “oh really? Didn’t see that one coming a million years ago. Oh wait, yes I did” news…

Oh, he did it alright. via Flickr.

Tiger Woods has stated that his return to golf will be at the Masters this year (taking place April 5-11 in Augusta, Georgia). Keep in mind, that we are still less than a month after his deeply emotional (and deeply disturbing) press conference in which he told the public he would be staying out of golf until he could fix his other problems. That was fast.

But, not so quick, Tiger. While the PGA may be thanking the heavens you (and viewers) will be returning to the sport, it will be mighty hard to forget that you are no longer that motivational figure that people used to root for. For proof, check out the videos before.

Before Thanksgiving 2009:

After Thanksgiving 2009:

That hole-in-one is gonna be a hell of a deep one to dig his way out of.


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