Grey Gardens II?

While most shows have a hard time making it to air, whenever you have the name “Spielberg” or “Howard” attached, it seems to cut all the red-tape in the way. If you manage to throw in a story based on a historical event, and maybe Tom Hanks, then you’ve got the next Emmy/Golden Globe/every award-winning movie or series.

Once upon a time, US Weekly didn't exist. via Flickr

It’s no shock that HBO followed up its critically praised series Band of Brothers with The Pacific (which premiered Sunday night). And following that same train of thought, it should be no surprise that HBO is considering a movie about Jackie Kennedy, with Steven Spielberg attached. If you happened to be hiding in a decrepit Hamptons mansion all winter, you must have missed the fact that HBO’s movie Grey Gardens did pretty well during this year’s award season.

Oh, it'll be flashy alright. via Flickr

Imagine the same intrigue of Grey Gardens, but with pretty people instead of an old bald crazy woman, and you can see why a Jackie O project is such a surefire, glossy, high-profile idea for HBO. As long as the Kennedy curse doesn’t extend to those who tell their story, HBO can’t go wrong with this one.


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