Summer with the Symphony

Along with the crack of baseball bats at Dodger Stadium, one of the most recognizable sounds of summer in Los Angeles is the hum of the Hollywood Bowl emanating from the hills. With fireworks, picnic baskets, and wine, what could possibly be better?

Does Franzia fit into a picnic basket? via Flickr

This summer season promises its far share of promise – and here’s a quick guide to the nights that will be surefire hits:

Friday, June 18 – Opening Night Gala with conductor Thomas Wilkins

Saturday, June 26 – ABBA Fest– This promises to be one of the wildest nights of the summer…and the crowd-watching will almost surely surpass the musical quality.

Friday, July 2, Saturday, July 3, and Sunday, July 4 – Fourth of July Firework Spectacular. Duh.

Saturday, July 10 & Sunday, July 11 – A Beatles Celebration – As great for singing along as ABBA night will be, but with good music.

Friday, July 16 & Saturday, July 17 – Warner Bros. Presents Bugs Bunny at the Symphony – The only way you could relive your youth any better would be downing a jug of Carlo Rossi and popping in the DVD of Beauty and the Beast in your living room.

Sunday, July 25 – Reggae Night IX – Light up your Sunday night.

Friday, August 6, Saturday, August 7, & Sunday, August 8 – Rent with Neil Patrick Harris. Maybe the only Friday of the year that I can guarantee there won’t be a long line to get into the Abbey.

Monday, August 23 – Dave Matthews Band – Just think of it as a Jimmy Buffett concert for people under 50.

Friday, August 27 & Saturday, August 28 – John Williams & The Music of the Movies – He wrote the score for Star Wars, Jaws, and ET. Do I need to continue?

Sunday, September 5 – The Big Picture – The Films of 20th Century Fox – Avatar is a lock. But then again, I also said that before the Oscars.

The Hollywood Bowl: Starting Wildfires since 1929. via Flickr

The full summer schedule can be found on the Hollywood Bowl’s official website. Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the night you are interested in attending.


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