Grab Some Grub: Philippe by Philippe Chow

Just a year ago, this was a one-upscale-Chinese-restaurant kind of town. After a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo and PR battles, Mr. Chow seems to be accepting the fact that LA is big enough for two Chows. Located a few miles in West Hollywood, Philippe has been positioning itself further from the Beverly hills standard since the day it opened.

Do they serve sake at Chinese places? via Micah Jesse

While Mr. Chow may be known for traditional dishes, predictable star sightings, and decor left over from the 80’s, Philippe seems to be positioning itself as a younger, more modern, alternative. Even on the outside, you can tell Philippe honors simplicity – its walls are completely white, broken only by the glowing title of the restaurant. Refined by shades of red, black, and white, the interior is remains strikingly simple, yet somehow classy.

Blinded by the white. via Philippe Chow

In terms of food, Philippe models itself after Mr. Chow almost identically. Green prawns, chicken satay, finely diced lettuce wraps – they’re all there. And like Mr. Chow, the food is just as delicious.

One weird downside of the restaurant? They seem to have a real difficulty in seating tables of parties larger than 4 people. So, if you don’t have many friends, I guess this is the place for you. While I love old traditions, Philippe is definitely worth trying something new.

Philippe is located at 8284 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood.


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