Where in the World will WME go?

William Morris and Endeavor may have finalized their merger last year, but the combined agency is still looking for a place to call home. The two agencies, now together as one, seem to have settled into the former Endeavor space on Wilshire Blvd, but they’ve long been rumored to be eyeing a new address on Beverly Dr. After some issues made it appear that WME wouldn’t be occupying the space on Wilshire and Beverly Dr., it now looks like they’re back to eyeing it as their next home.

The Death Star vs. The Ice Cube via Curbed LA

WME’s biggest rival, CAA, moved just 3 years ago, from their I.M. Pei designed building on Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd to their current location (lovingly refered to as “The Death Star”) in Century City. After we find out if WME will indeed move into their new super structure, the only question we’ll have unanswered is how the CAA empire plans to strike back. Residents of Alderaan be warned.


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