On the History of Children’s TV and Drug Use

Apparently the kids today love this YO GABBA GABBA show, which stars a meth-addicted hipster DJ from ’83 that sees visions of furry animals and sings about them. But these clever children’s TV writers know how these types of shows can span audiences, from children all the way to adults with low to excessive substance abuse problems.

But this isn’t the first show of its kind. This brand of trippy amazingness has been around for a while. Check out the YO GABBA GABBA clip below, and then let me take you on a little trip down acid kid’s TV memory lane.

1.) YO GABBA GABBA — “There’s a Party in my Tummy”

2.) HR Puff n’ Stuff — before my time, but hello– Nick at Nite, anyone?

3.) Pee Wee’s [m-effin] Playhouse — the stuff of gods. Lucky for us, PeeWee’s back on tour. No touching allowed.


Contact the author at mmsmogger@gmail.com.

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