Will Somebody Please Kill Kitson?

Every good thing must come to an end. Hopefully, that also applies to the annoying, awful things as well. Once a mecca for celebrities, paparazzi, and the fashion conscious, Robertson boutique Kitson has definitely seen its best days come and go. On an average weekday, a quick stop at the cluttered and ADD-inducing store reveals that its clientele now seems to consist primarily of Japanese tourists and random Midwesterners looking for a key chain to take home with them.

The store was once known for a client base that consisted of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and other celebrities that would later make headlines for anything but good news. Fraser Ross, the store’s owner, was even a celebrity in his own right, selling photos of his shoppers to US Weekly and People, only to further the cult of celebrity that his shop came to embody. However, the problem with building a brand around being a celebrity hotspot? If you catch on fire, you’re sure to burn to the ground as some point.

No more paparazzi = sad Kitson. via Flickr

And that’s exactly what happened to Kitson. After the first clients began to flee the store because of its gross lapses in privacy, the reality stars and attention-hungry wannabes moved in. Eventually, the store became even too “mainstream” and past its prime even for them. So now, Ross is left with outposts on Robertson, Melrose, and in Malibu, and with tons of merchandise to move. A new Kitson is unlikely to open in Southern California any time soon, but luckily for Ross, those Japanese tourists seem to be insatiable


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2 responses to “Will Somebody Please Kill Kitson?

  1. Im kindof glad this “trend” is finally going away. I always thought the fashion in Kitson was 3 years behind the hipster kids in brooklyn anyway. ps- they have a discount store on the 3rd st promenade but barely anyone goes in there…
    $60 jersey t-shirts anyone?

  2. I was dragged here on my first trip to LA. Expensive version of Alloy, so many crappy t-shirts, so much Juicy. Make it go away!

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