Total ECLIPSE of the Heart

It’s the day tween girls (and old women) have been waiting for since last November… the official trailer for Eclipse was released earlier today. If you love the Twilight books, these 2 minutes of pale Robert Pattinson, sulking Kristen Stewart, and shirtless Taylor Lautner will help sedate your need for a fix until the move is released this summer. If you aren’t a Twilight fan, then this will probably piss you off until the movie comes out. This summer is shaping up to be even more vampire frenzied than last year’s (keep in mind that HBO’s True Blood will be airing its third season at the exact same time that Eclipse hits theaters).

Isn’t it just ironic that this trailer was released the day Remember Me comes out and the week before The Runaways hits screens? No. This is Hollywood. Everything is evilly calculated to the smallest detail. Remember that.

Twihards, calm your carnal urges here:


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2 responses to “Total ECLIPSE of the Heart

  1. Wow, same premise as the last 2 movies. Neat.

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