MK and MM Discuss… Foursquare


mm (3:52:45 PM): omg foursquare
(3:52:47 PM): i have heard of this

mk (3:52:53 PM): its so great
(3:53:16 PM): you check in places
(3:53:23 PM): and they tell you secret codes to get discounts
(3:53:33 PM): and over time, the more you check in, the more important you become
(3:53:38 PM): and the better the codes/discounts you get

mm (3:53:49 PM): nicccce
(3:54:39 PM): couldn’t you technically just lie about where you are?

mk (3:54:45 PM): yeah you can
(3:54:49 PM): but that’s’ not really the point
(3:55:07 PM): it’d be like cheating at facebook by trying to add thousands of friends
(3:55:16 PM): i guess some people do it
(3:55:19 PM): but it really is just weird

mm (3:56:21 PM): im gonna check in at ur house tomorrow

mk (3:56:29 PM): hahah do it

mm: (3:59:56 PM): ill check in at dennys tomorrow morning

mk (4:00:30 PM): hahahah omg
(4:00:34 PM): love ghetto check ins

mm (4:39:21 PM): I wanna go somewhere else so i can check in

mk (4:40:18 PM): hahaha
(4:40:22 PM): walk down the street

mm (4:40:36 PM): like, hey bosses, see you later, im gonna go check in at 7/11!

mk (4:41:12 PM): hahah
(4:41:16 PM): i walked to gelsons
(4:41:18 PM): and checked in



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