Idol Hangover: Meet Your Final 12

And so, we say goodbye to Katelyn Epperly, Alex Lambert, Todrick Hall, and Lilly Scott. While Katelyn and Todrick needed to go, Lilly and Alex probably could have stuck around until the final 9 or 10. And now…on to our final 12 (which in Idol-talk is the sign of truly making it).

Each week from here on out, I will provide my humble insights into the power rankings of the remaining karaoke stars. Sure, other sites do power rankings also (most notably EW), but given the fact that I said Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta would be stars during the final 36 round last year, I think I’m qualified to give my insight also. And even if you disagree, you’re still reading. So, here’s my take on the dirty dozen:

1. Crysal Bowersox – Far and away the current front runner. Week after week, she hasn’t failed to outperform the rest of the contests. Can she hold it up for 12 weeks though?

2. Michael Lynche – He’s really set himself apart during his last two performances. Not to sound racist, but being the only black male in the contest will also certainly help him in appealing to a built-in audience. He’s also damn good, which helps.

3. Casey James – While he hasn’t done as well since the early rounds, he’s been working on his look for the past few weeks, which, whether you admit it or not, is a major part in determining who you want to succeed. After all, you’re determining the next person to be all over US Weekly. You know you want to pick someone goodlooking.

4. Lacey Brown – She has that “Nikki McKibbin” spunk. Every season, one hard rock/pixie looking girl has to make it far. Last season it was Allison Iraheta. This season it will be Lacey Brown. Disclaimer: Siobhan remaining in this contest may affect this outcome.

5. Siobhan Magnus – I don’t know if she’s actually foreign, but she sounds like she is. Foreigners/people with accents tend to do pretty well in idol – but never win. See Carly Smithson and Michael Johns.

6. Didi Benami – I hate to rank her this high because I honestly don’t think she’s this good, but she is the token pretty blond, and that carries a lot of significance. Many others have filled this void in the past and rode the coattails of their genetic fortune to to the final rounds (Kristi Lee Cook, Brooke White, to name a couple).

7. Lee Dewyze – This is a risky choice to make. I think Lee has a lot of potential, but it’s only glimmered through so far. He has a certain David Cook-like charm, and that could really come to play out well for him.

8. Aaron Kelly – I’m not going to waste space writing about him. He needs to be eliminated, but young girls are keeping him in. Enough with him.

9. Paige Miles – Like Michael, being the only black girl left in the competition will probably really boost Paige’s chances of going further than she otherwise would if the field was a bit more diverse than it is this year. However, unlike Michael, she’s not very good, so she won’t go that far.

10. Tim Urban – He’s far from great, but he has a nerdy Seth Cohen look to him. And his name sounds like a celebrity’s.

11. Andrew Garcia – His time to shine came and went with Hollywood Week. He’s past his expiration date. Let’s throw things out before they get stale.

12. Katie Stevens – I’m stunned she wasn’t eliminated this week. She’s way too young to be competing, and she’s bound to end up gone next week or the week after. It could just been a lot of pretween girls who feel some sympathy that’s keeping her in this. But let’s remember, sympathy isn’t for rising stars. It’s for those in decline.

Like any power ranking in its first week, this is likely to change a lot next week, when the real performances start up. Can’t wait to see who makes it and who ends up being the open act for JC Chasez in a few years.


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6 responses to “Idol Hangover: Meet Your Final 12

  1. Katie Stevens is so the John Stevens of this season, like the baby we all kinda love… same last name, coincidence? i think not.

  2. Good rankings! I kind of see it as being a two horse race between Bowersox and Lynche, but with Casey James and Didi Benami (yes, Didi) close behind. I’d have given Lee DeWyze and Tim Urban a bit more slack, but you’re spot on with the bottom half of the list. Some easy losers there waiting to be picked off.

  3. um pretty sure lacey brown will be voted off within first two weeks

  4. Thanks for chiming in Gerard – I’m gonna give Lee another shot for next week – I think he may be a darkhorse to watch.

  5. Siobhan could win it all. She has a great voice, and is artsy enough to stand out and attract votes. By the way, she’s not foreign, she’s from Cape Cod. The Cape is a Boston exurb, 70 miles to the south, so that explains the accent. The Kennedys had a summer compound on the Cape. Siobhan is a traditional Irish name, and her family has been on the Cape for generations. Her grandfather, I hear, was a judge on the Cape.

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