Grab Some Grub: The Grill on the Alley

While aging is something most (especially those in Beverly Hills) fear, The Grill has only seemed to get better with each passing year. The old standby in the heart of Beverly Hills is just as reliable as it was when it opened nearly in 1984.

Is that the Catwoman? via Flickr

With generous (if not monstrous) portions, strong drinks, and a space that is a living, breathing reminder of Hollywood days gone by, the restaurant offers its patrons the chance to escape for a few hours while dining on jumbo crab legs, warm sourdough bread, and epic desserts. The charbroiled salmon and dover sole are both excellent options if you’re trying to keep your waistline from expanding at the table, but if you’re in the mood to really let loose, save room for the last course. Cobblers, shortcake, and tons of ice cream are just some of the treats for the end of your meal.

Almost as great as the food is the service itself. The waiters seem to have worked at the restaurant since it opened, and can recant stories about old agents, stars, and socialites who have long since vanished from Nikki Finke’s vernacular. It may not be as trendy as some of LA’s newest restaurants, but The Grill can still hold its own as a major power player on the food field.

The Grill is located at 9560 Dayton Way in Beverly Hills, but replicas can be found in Hollywood, Westlake Village, and across the US. Reservations can be made by phone (310-276-0615) or online through OpenTable.


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