Try Not to Die Here: Oakwood Apartments

Corey Haim died in a really unfortunate place. How do I know? Because once upon a time, I lived in the same corporate housing complex that looks/smells/tastes vaguely of a low-rent Marriott in 1993.

Not actually the Oakwoods but you get the idea. via ugly house photos

The Oakwoods in Burbank is a temporary place you go to when you first move to LA and need somewhere furnished to crash while you  search for something better. Wannabe child stars roam the halls with their fame-hungry parents, also new in town, ready to pounce on young Hollywood. Haim’s life ended where a lot of people’s start, in a place of transition, which makes me think that -with some more time- he could have made a comeback, really got himself together. And this thought makes Haim’s death even more tragic. RIP to a Lost Boy.


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2 responses to “Try Not to Die Here: Oakwood Apartments

  1. poor, poor, Corey Feldman. What’s he gonna do now? Is that A&E show still on?

  2. I am quite saddened to learn of Cory Haim’s death. He had a wonderful gift that was over shadowed by his drug usage. With his death also his gift to never return encapsulated in the embodiment of that particular person. It is a tragedy of momentousness proportions reflecting societies regard of gifts that need to be carefully nurtured and grown. Gifted children all too often become the victim of the exploitation of their gifts. These kids need extra supports, nurturing, not spoilage, and the reminder that they are children working in an adult world that is rift with irresponsible and lack of moral integrity. These children need to be carefully protected because they are children; and, without the experience to cope with the adult world they are working in. Our children are the reflection of societies standards and Cory’s life and death is yet another tragic example of a child put into an adult world without enough care and protection, nurturing and support for his growth. My heart is heavy.

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