Change is Changing

I guess you really have to give it to the US Government this time – since you lost all your $100’s, $50’s, and even $20’s in the great recession/downturn/absolute shitstorm of 2008-2009, they’ve come up with something to make the money you do have left seem new and cool. Let me introduce you to the redesigned penny.

Pennies: the hottest thing since Unemployment. via US Mint

In case you had no idea, the US Treasury department has just completed a long contest to redesign the back of the penny. Yes, this is what they were doing when we were having that whole “financial crisis” thing. While a redesigned penny may not be able to fix banks or un-forclose homes, it certainly makes you cooler about carrying around metal that’s nearly worthless. And after the last 2 years, I guess having any type of coin in your pocket is something to be thankful for.


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