Adderall Will Make It All Better: MY LIFE AS LIZ

via MTV

A friend and I were discussing one of my favorite topics (Jersey Shore) recently when she went, “Speaking of crappy TV that is actually really good– have you seen MY LIFE AS LIZ??”

And yes, yes I have seen this little new wave MTV gem. Shot documentary (see: reality show) style, MY LIFE AS LIZ is a scripted show about a high school hipster chick sulking and quirky-ing through Middle America USA. Liz is decently likable most of the time, except for when she’s being too teenager-y (see: obnoxious). The acting in the show is impressive in that you can barely tell it’s acting at all. Other than a few cringe-worthy lines obviously written by writers much too old for high school, it’s easy to lose yourself in the faux-reality of all, when you were one of those most holy, all-enlightened teenagers yourself.


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2 responses to “Adderall Will Make It All Better: MY LIFE AS LIZ

  1. I love this show! I hope MTV puts on aq season two.. and why did they only have 9 episodes in the first season?? I want more Liz! Its like the feeling I have for Gossip Girl.. Wondering what’s gonna happen next =]

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