Verbage: “Career Crush”

In college, one of the best uses of Greek vernacular I ever heard was the phrase “Rush Crush.” It refers to that strange feeling of longing towards a stranger you just met; yet, desperately want to join your sorority or fraternity for no particularly good reason. After graduating, I have found myself having this same strange feeling of admiration for a stranger once again…yet not for someone younger than me this time. Instead, it’s for someone way older.

Lots of people crush on this guy. via Flickr

They can be your boss, your more successful co-worker, an industry leader, or anyone else you esteem to be in your chosen field. Your “career crush*” is that guy or girl you one day dream you could be. It’s the skilled agent who seems to have everything together and has a dream home in canyons (even though behind the facade, nothing is even close to together). Or maybe it’s that insane designer who’s creating a new trend every time she mis-cuts fabric?¬† Whether they realize it or not, J.J. Abrams, Chuck Palahnik, and Steve Jobs should know that they have mobs of people just crushing on them.

Not many people crush on this guy. flickr

Be careful – these harmless crushes can turn deadly. I once met a girl who’s career crush was a boss in another department of the company she worked at. Whenever she ran into the object of her affection in the hallway, this girl would just freeze up in awe. A few months later, she left the company because a promotion wasn’t in the future for her. That’s the key – you can’t let your crush cripple you. Remember, unlike a real crush, you don’t actually want to be with them. Instead, you want to become them. If you can’t make the transition from crusher to crushee eventually, you’ll be the one who just ends up crushed.

*Do not confuse this with dipping your pen in the company ink.


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