Need a Drink?

As any good member of the entertainment industry would know, “drinks” are an essential part of building a successful career. Besides the obvious benefits of drinks – alcohol, being off of work, etc. – there are significant downsides. Probably the biggest drawback? The depressed effect on your wallet. So, what is a socialite-in-training with an entry-level income to do?

Let me introduce you to DrinksLA. The site, launched by some industry ex-assistants, hosts networking events with extremely low prices and laid back venues. Unlike other groups that put together elaborate events with tickets and high prices at over-the-hill Hollywood clubs, DrinksLA keeps it real by keeping it simple.

$4 to freedom. via DrinksLA

Upcoming events include a St. Patrick’s Day mixer “Perlova Vodka” event…I guess we’ll find out what that is soon enough. Sign up on their site to stay up to date with all of the group’s happenings.


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