MK and MM discuss… JERSEY SHORE

And now, dear readers… MK and I introduce a new segment of conversations that we have with each other over Blackberry. Welcome. And apologies in advance…


mm (4:50:14 PM): i think I might  be going to some jersey shore party of some rando anyway

mk (4:50:34 PM): i will not partake in anything with that theme

mm (4:51:05 PM): hahahaha

mm (4:51:09 PM): finale was last night

mm (4:51:14 PM): little bit of my soul was ripped out

mk (4:51:35 PM): thats disturbing

mm (4:52:21 PM): maybe some day you’ll have the great fortune of meeting my cousins, “the duke” and “hollywood status.”

mm (4:52:29 PM): and then you will understand the deep connection i have with this show

mk (4:53:07 PM): i hate that show so much that if i find out you are intrinsically tied to it, i will have to cut you off as well

mm (4:53:34 PM): um, im just saying, my nickname with my cousins is “ace”… and yes, i have a nickname… on account of them making fun of me for graduating from college…

mk (4:53:51 PM): silence



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