Brent Bolthouse Rises Again!

While he’s no longer Heidi’s boss, Brent Bolthouse is once again making headlines with the launch of the new lounge/bar, Trousdale, on the Western edge of the Sunset Strip.

Filling the space once known as sushi restaurant Blowfish, Trousdale aims to cater to the Entourage-set, with pool tables, movie posters, and dark shades to hide the sins that will inevitably take place nightly. What’s notable about Trousdale is that its Bolthouse’s first venue since splitting with SBE honcho Sam Nazarian (they partnered on past successes Hyde, MI6 (and its previous incarnation Foxtail), and the now-shuttered Area.

The cleanest Trousdale will ever be. via Thrillist

While Trousdale will probably be another success Bolthouse can notch on his belt, it’s going to hurt not having fake interns or a fake MTV reality show around to publicize it. Then again, Heidi’s “work” probably didn’t contribute a whole lot to the success of any of his past venues…

Trousdale is located at 9229 W. Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.


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