Raising the Bar: Darkroom

Every night in LA is like a constant game of Battleship. It’s all about reducing the misses and trying to get lucky with a couple of hits. In it a city of hipsters, celebrities, Hollywood wannabes, and laid back beach dwellers, finding the right bar with the mood you’re aiming for can be difficult.

Darkroom, on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, has found a strange niche that has begun to call it home. A recent Friday night revealed that this bar, long known for its cheap drinks ($5 for Vodka/soda? Yes please!), dart boards, and relaxed booths, has been transformed into a watering hole for the entertainment industry’s assistants and down and out drifters. Wanna-be hipsters, “actors” seeking agents, and assistants seeking alcohol all packed the place.

While the crowd still seemed to be enjoying themselves, it’s only a matter of time until this place, like so many before it, give way to the next newer-and-hipper clone. Until then, Darkroom is still a fun place to go and watch drunk girls fall on their asses in front of a silenced crowd too embarrassed to help them get up.

Darkroom is located at 7302 Melrose Ave in Hollywood.


Contact the author at mksmogger@gmail.com.

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