Grab Some Grub: RH at Andaz

After a slower start, the Andaz hotel seems to be heating up. This past week, it was the home to multiple Oscar parties and recently, the RH restaurant in the hotel’s lobby has been gaining increasing critical buzz.

If you can't handle the heat... via Flickr

Named for its past time as the “Riot Hyatt,” the RH restaurant brings a healthier twist to LA dining. While other restaurants have experimented with molecular gastronomy, RH has taken a different route, opting for fresh ingredients, and serving them as simply as possible. While some might complain that they are paying high prices for food that is strikingly plain, by the time the meal is over, you’ve come to appreciate the straightforwardness of what’s been presented to you.

Shrimp Ceviche Appetizer

Unlike other places like Mastro’s or even Comme Ca, where you walk out the door in a state of food coma, RH leaves you satisfied but not sick. The decor is equally minimalistic – a large open kitchen, an interior marked by steel and glass, and large tables spread far apart from each other. Just like the food, there’s a grand feeling of cleanliness that prevails over every aspect of the meal.

Paying attention to traffic on Sunset is even harder now. via Flickr

While a meal that leaves you stuffed is great, a meal that leaves you with room in your stomach to drink is even better.


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