Plan your Patty’s

With the Oscar’s behind us, it’s time to look forward to America’s next quasi-holiday for an excuse to drink. St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) will be on a Wednesday this year, which may limit your options when it comes to celebrating this day of green beer and gross food. So, where are you going to go green? Here are some recommendations:
Sonny McLean’s – Santa Monica

McLean’s is a huge Boston sports bar – so if you happen to like the Yankees, it may not be the best choice. Although not yet announced, the bar will surely have St. Patty’s specials, as it has them for almost everyting else. One big plus of McLean’s? Sometimes, they drive in Dunkin Donuts from Vegas. I’m not kidding.'s not real? via Flickr

O’Brien’s – Santa Monica

Located on Main Street, O’Brien’s is incredibly well known for its Wednesday trivia nights. While we wish they were hosting a special round of trivia for St. Patty’s, they’ve unfortunately cancelled it for the holiday. So, I guess there’s not really a good reason to go there anymore.

Not gonna touch this one. via Flickr

Tom Bergin’s – Hollywood

The last time I went to Tom Bergin’s and was able to remember the people around me, I was surrounded by rugby players drinking pints and older Irish men hitting on my female friends. So, given stereotypes, this must be the most authentic Irish bar in all of Los Angeles. Just be careful not to mess with their jukebox. Apparently the Irish don’t like ABBA. Who knew?

The tallest leprechaun ever. via Flickr

Casey’s Irish Pub – Downtown

Unlike its dirtier and frattier relatives on the Westside, Casey’s is a “classy” Irish pub…if that exists. It has a distinctively more “city” feel, similar to how the Irish in NYC like their bars, rather than their bretheren on the beaches of the Pacific. However, as evidenced by a simple google search, those same frat guys inhabit this space also. (see every photo in this post)


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