Celebrity or… Apostle?

One commands a cult of personality and the other has a cult of paparazzi. Welcome to the next installment of “Celebrity or…”


A casual jog through Palisades Park in Santa Monica can be a relaxing way to spend your weekend…or your next step to religious enlightenment. For a city so obsessed with image, LA has also oddly been a mecca for spirituality. Kaballah, Yoga, Scientology, and many other fads have found their start in the same city that glamorizes Kim Kardashian. Sometimes it can be hard to separate true religious leaders from famous modern day apostles. Here’s a guide to help:

Chuch of Controversy. via Flickr

Practices kaballah in isolation at home? Or publicizes their specialty line of Barney’s “Red Strings” via Us Weekly photo ops?

Attends mass or temple on Saturdays or Sundays in their local community house of worship? Or stages a press conference at the Church of Scientology on Hollywood Blvd?

Meets with a shaman to discuss a religious epiphany? Or meets with a shaman to pitch them their own Bravo reality show?

Uses yoga as an excuse to find relaxation? Or uses yoga as a excuse to hide anorexia?

Via Rodeo may be a hard place to find relaxation. via Flickr

It’s a tough call between celeb impostor and religious enlightener, but the next time you’re on the Venice Boardwalk, if some lady in a white robe tries to convert you, be sure to make sure she’s barefoot and not wearing Blahniks underneath.


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