A Whole New Area

When MTV’s once-popular reality show The Hills premiered in 2005, it was a simpler time. Lauren Conrad was just a Teen Vogue “intern” living at the Palazzo across from the Grove. Her best friend was a still-human Heidi Montag. And Spencer Pratt was merely a far off nightmare waiting to happen. LA was their playground, and SBE’s popular nightclub Area was the scene of many of their nights out.

She seems to be into it. via SBE

Flashforward to 2010. I don’t feel the need to explain what’s happened on The Hills in the past five years, as MTV’s writers have done a good enough job of that on their own. However, as Area closed down last week, I feel it’s appropriate to take a moment to adknowledge the dead bar that gave the world Audrina, Brody, and Jen Bunney.

Replacing Area comes Industry, a new futuristic, modern, club. Sounds original. Hopefully Industry can make its predecessor proud and eventually spawn some more trainwrecks that we’ll one day love to hate.

Industry is located 643 N. La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood.


Contact the author at mksmogger@gmail.com.

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