Grab Some Grub: Asia De Cuba

Asia De Cuba may not be the newest restaurant in town, but it’s still drawing crowds to it’s “room with a view.” And what a view it is. With the entire city of Los Angeles staring at you out the window, it’s hard to focus on the food in front of you, but the Asian and Cuban influences can truly be tasted in every dish you order.

The Patio. Too bad it rained the night we went. via Flickr

To start, we had some amazing pesto shrimp and gingergrass chicken. When ordering, be sure to have the waiter explain portion sizes, as everything is intended to be shared amongst the table. The entrees weren’t as strong as the starters, but the miso butterfish was a standout. Dessert is hard to do badly, and the donuts were a great way to cap off the night.

While the restaurant was packed, the crowd definitely seemed to be incredible diverse in both good and bad ways. Possibly as a result of its location inside the Mondrian, and on the Sunset Strip, it seemed as though many other diners were tourists. In addition to out-of-towners, the rest of the crowd looked like they were auditioning for a spot on The Real Housewhores of Hollywood. I’m talking F-cups and Heidi Montag-style plastic surgery. While maybe not as trendy as some of LA’s newest places to eat, Asia De Cuba still holds up as a good place to grab a meal. And, like many of its patrons, its decor does a good job of masking its true age.

Asia De Cuba at the Mondrian – (323) 848-6000

8440 W. Sunset Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069


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