Adderall Will Make It All Better: SKINS

via Nylon

I’m a sucker for a good TV bender– finding a good show on DVD and burrowing into the couch for hours, resorting to pissing in soda cans to get you through the entire episode.

And the latest TV attack on my dignity is the Brit teen drama SKINS, a ridiculously smart show about a group of high school (Brit: college) friends doing drugs, spreading their youthful seed and palling around Bristol. This is Degrassi on acid. The drama is high, but goes down a tube of English surrealism before it gets too melodramatic. With an astounding cast (including Nicholas Hoult, the creepy kid from ABOUT A BOY all grown up, and Dev Patel from SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE), SKINS is a portrait of the high school experience you didn’t really have, but kind of did?– and definitely wish you did.


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3 responses to “Adderall Will Make It All Better: SKINS

  1. This has been one of my fav shows for a few years now. Season 1 is definitely the best, season 2 is good as well – but it kind of goes down hill with season 3 (they change literally the entire cast).

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