What Every Insider Wears

Polaroids = Cool. via Band of Outsider's official website

In a world full of Tommy Hilfigers, Michael Kors, and Dov Charneys, you sometimes have to wonder if anyone left in the fashion industry has any taste. But, astonishingly, it seems that trendsetters are still forging ahead. Cue Scott Sternberg, the former CAA agent, and founder of the mens and womens label “Band of Outsiders.”

If celebrities like, then it has to be cool! via Band's official website

In case, you’ve never heard of Band of Outsiders, here’s a quick primer. The line focuses on classic American pieces and patterns – think solids, stripes, and plaids. Most items are simple and clean cut. From the brand’s preppy, upscale, and tailored look, you can tell it was clearly the brainchild of a Hollywood agent obsessed with detail and outward appearance. However, Sternberg is hardly a stiff in a suit. His 10 Rules of Style for Details Magazine should give you an idea of how his line can be both strikingly simple, yet maintain a cutting attitude. If that isn’t enough, check out the Cookie Blog on the actual Band of Outsiders website. Where’s your cookie blog, Ralph Lauren?

Beam me up, Scotty. via Maciek Kobielski

As Band of Outsiders becomes more successful, it’ll be interesting to see how it holds up. Like its name implies, part of its “coolness” comes from the fact that only those who prefer alternatives to mainstream labels (or fashion “outsiders”) have discovered it. Given that shirts range from $250-$300, it appears that it will stay fairly elite for a while. But when this recession thingy is over, that may change. Even if more and more people pick up on this hot label, it may stay cool if the small, tailored fit that it’s known for remains consistent. But, in the unlikely scenario that Sternberg ends up like his predecessors judging a reality show or selling out to the masses, then he may find himself the outsider (of Barney’s that is).


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