Handing Over Rock History to… Team Fanning/Stewart?

MM -having already proven to be quite the music aficionado, but only in the areas of glam rock pop from ’72-’77- recently viewed the trailer for the Fanning/Stewart-driven rock pic, THE RUNAWAYS. As far as girl rock bands go, The Runaways hold a special place in my bitchy heart. The trailer looks good, sounds good– I will say I have 100% trust in Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.

via casting couch

But Kristen… oh, Kristen. From the moment she mumbles, “I’m Joan Jett. I wanna start an all-girl rock band,” I get a little nervous. Can she pull off one of the greatest female rockers of all time? Without further sinking girl rock into a place of utter cliches? And breathe, MM, and breathe…

But I’ll say Kristen doesn’t make me nervous enough to squelch my excitement for this biopic. The Runaways have never gotten the attention they deserve, and now the world will finally learn the correct words to “Cherry Bomb.”

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