And the Award for Best Entree goes to…

I guess it makes sense in year with a Best Picture nominee all about cooking that food seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about when it comes to upcoming Oscar parties. Not only is RH at Andaz preparing a special dinner inspired by the cuisine of Julia Child, but multiple Oscar party invites I’ve received seem to suggest that this year, appetizers and side dishes won’t be considering simply for their supporting roles.

The best Oscar invite I’ve seen is to my friend Allie’s 3rd Annual Soiree. To get in, you don’t need a wristband or to pass a bouncer like at ritzier bashes across town. Instead, you just need to present a potluck item that’s based on one of the nominees. So far, I’ve heard of people planning to bring Inglorious Custards, Avatizers, and Chocolat Maltz.

Where's the Marisa Tomato Bruschetta? via flickr

This is pretty much ingenious. While I’ve always loved Oscar Sunday, its never been able to compete with the food promise of America’s other big Sunday TV event, the Super Bowl. Now, the Oscars are clearly better that to ho-hum football game in every aspect. The only reservation I have about this year’s party is that Star Trek got completely shut out. Who wouldn’t have loved a Bar Track?


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