The Magic of the Default

Everyone has one. No, not a heart. Did you even see the last episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?!

A default channel. Duh. It’s the thing your TV finds itself situated any time you aren’t paying attention. It’s the thing that’s on in the background of your apartment all weekend long. Some people claim not to have one. That isn’t true. Those people are either 1) liars or 2) tragically unaware of themselves.

Your Brain. Your Brain when it defaults to Jersey Shore. via flickr

So, what does your default say about you? Well, growing up, my default was MTV. Pretty typical for a coming-of-age kid who esteemed to be drunk like the fools on The Real World, but also trying to be teenage highbrow enough to enjoy more cultured shows like True Life. In college, it switched to ESPN. This is not because I like sports. This is because my roommates did. I was normally just too drunk trying to be one of those Real World cast members that I didn’t know how to find the remote, was vomiting or most often, both at the same time. Now, in my post-college, “reformed” days, I’ve found The Food Network. Why? Because it makes me feel grownup, but not douchey like CNN-defaulters. And god knows, I’m not nearly semi-sophisticated enough to be a HBO-defaulter.

I told you, everyone has one. As one of my gay best friends recently said, “I can’t pregame without Bravo on.” While I prefer my alcohol Real Housewife-free, I can’t deny that he truly does Live Out Loud. So, what do you default to?


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