The Gifting Suites Are For Our Nation’s Leaders, Sarah… Celebrities.

via Boston Globe

Sarah Palin hit up the Silver Spoon Oscars gifting suite today with her daughter Willow and grandson Tripp. Whoa, too close for comfort. There must be a separation of celebs and politicos, especially ones that – oh – aren’t so beloved around these here parts. Do I hope there was an awkward Palin/Clooney stare-down amidst B-listers scrambling for unlocked Blackberries? Of course I do.

But what’s next? Bush strolling Robertson? Glenn Beck dodging the paps at the Ivy? I thought we’d left the politicos up in Sacramento so we could have a nice city for brunching and walking our puppies! Ugh! Life is so hard.

To Sarah’s credit, apparently she put all the items she had received back up for auction for charity. But just to keep our rights safe, from now on maybe Sarah can stay a few states away from California at all times.


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