Smog Alert: Culina Opens Today

Today, the Four Seasons Beverly Hills on Doheny opens the door of Culina, which replaces the now-shuttered Gardens Restaurant. And just in time for Oscar Weekend! How shockingly coincidental. Not.

The Four Seasons - Paradise via Flickr

Gardens used to be a big power lunch spot, and Culina is sure to continue that tradition. Bouchon, Oliviero, Bond St., Cut…I don’t know what it is about hotel restaurants and big egos, but they seem to go together hand-in-hand. Maybe it’s the prospect of a quick appetizer downstairs with an entree in bed upstairs, all in time to get back to work by 2:30PM and expense it on the company dime that makes it seem so tempting.

Culina will be serving  modern Italian fare and is rumored to have one full wall made out of living succulent plants.  If you aren’t lucky enough to be invited to the Oscar/launch party they’re throwing this weekend, maybe you’ll be able to make it next week. I hear there’s some big party thing going on Sunday night, so most of Hollywood will probably be hungover come Monday morning. Better make your reservation for breakfast now.


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2 responses to “Smog Alert: Culina Opens Today

  1. Whyareyouinla?

    Hi I was just wondering if you are an LA native or not? Or simply moved from your time at Northwestern out there, and are now speaking as if you’ve lived there all your life? BTW, the closest thing to a Four Seasons “Beverly Hills” is the Beverly Wilshire, you have pictured the Four Seasons Los Angeles, just right outside the BH boundary. Tiny detail, but one only a wannabe LA citizen would make.

    -LA native

  2. Actually, the name of the hotel is the ‘Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.’ I can see how you’re confused at the way I listed it, but I did so since few true LA natives would actually refer to The Beverly Wilshire as a Four Seasons. For someone who’s so quick to correct another and assert their LA heritage, you don’t seem to have your facts straight. Don’t worry, keep reading, and maybe we can fix that.

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