Celebrity or… homeless person?

Welcome to a new segment here on Smogger that we like to call “Celebrity or…” In LA, you constantly encounter stars on the streets, but more often than not, you also encounter those “Is that…?” You know, those people that look like celebs, but definitely aren’t. This guide will help you be able to more clearly spot the differences for yourself!


Celebrity or… Homeless Person?

via Flickr

No, that person digging through the trash isn’t one of the Olsen twins, that’s just some crazy homeless person trying to find a big mac. Although they both may share the same rags and bug eyes, the distinction is clear. Here’s a checklist to make sure you can make the distinction.

Painted black nails? Or impossible to clean black nails?

Free City with holes and torn Ksubi jeans? Or dirty, smelly potato sack rags?

Not eating due to an eating disorder? Or not eating due to a monetary disorder?

Bug eyes from drugs? Or…bug eyes from drugs?

A shopping cart full of Whole Foods organics? Or a shopping cart full of soda cans?

Disorderly screaming at a BlackBerry? Or disorderly screaming at a small child?

See how easy that is?! Now that you’ve learned the pointers, head down to Venice Boardwalk this weekend to mingle. You’ll be totally capable of figuring out if that new friend is a Lohan or just another crackhead (but be careful, even experts have failed that test).


Contact the author at mksmogger@gmail.com.

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