D-D-Doughboy Fresh

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Once upon a time, I came to this strange and wonderful West Coast from across the Midwest by way of some cheap airline—and oh, wasn’t I just awe-struck by these fancy foodies and their luxe eating habits! How would I ever fit in, I wondered, as I wrenched open my Campbell’s soup and ate my white bread. And then I found Doughboys, with its After School Special of grilled cheese and tomato soup, done up LA-style with fontina cheese and fresh tomatoes. A little bit of comfort food in a sometimes-uncomfortable city.

And then the restaurant got a B rating and disappeared faster than a Sicilian snitch in 2007.

But the dead have risen, and Doughboys is back on 3rd and La Jolla! (We’d ask why, but there’s something about a gift horse and its mouth about the whole sitch.) I went back with some friends the weekend of its opening—same menu, same waiters, same cozy ambiance. Only celeb in sight was the dude who played Aaron Samuels in MEAN GIRLS, and my friends and I ended up reminiscing with him about the Doughboys glory days. You never know what will rise again from the Los Angeles ashes, from restaurants to Aaron Samuels’ career.

8136 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


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3 responses to “D-D-Doughboy Fresh

  1. I had terrible service when I went the other day.

  2. Whyareyouinla?

    nevermind, I apologize for my previous post asking if you are an LA native, now I know you are not which simply makes all your posts more annoying

  3. I’m not. MK is. East and West coming together in loving harmony. Sorry we got your panties in a twist. Muah!

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