Psychology Guide (Attention Whoring Edition)

The art of attention whoring [social networking] is a delicate one. And your weapon of choice says more about you than you may realize. And now, a scholarly analysis on the subject —

  • Facebook: Congrats. You’re a human.
  • Twitter: Used properly, it can be an amusing extension to the Facebook status. Just avoid over-updating or you’ll have us wondering how you could be “Out! Having the most fun of anyone, ever!” and still managing to let everyone know about it.
  • Foursquare: Probably best kept in the foodie/hyper-social crowd. Unless you want people realizing how many times you frequent KFC for 4am feedings.
  • Chatroulette: If you’re going to admit to blatant voyeurism, hopefully you’re drunk and in a room full of people while doing it. I’ll admit, the ‘roulette makes me a little nostalgic for the Creepiness Lite of Yahoo’s chatrooms, circa 1996… no? Bueller..?
  • Myspace: But really. Get out.


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One response to “Psychology Guide (Attention Whoring Edition)

  1. technically speaking, could you, for example, check in on four square at a starbucks in westhollywood if you are chat rouletting with someone at that location? just sayin

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