Party like it’s 1995

1995. That was the last year had an NFL franchise. Oh wait, not one – LA had two. And then, just like that, LA had none. Since then, LA residents have asked when the city (which has two baseball teams, two basketball teams, and other lesser sports teams) would be home again to another football franchise. Well, if John Semcken III and Majestic Realty Co. have their way, it could be sometime this year.

Look at all those fireworks. via LA Football Stadium

Just this past October, the Governator signed a bill paving the way for construction of a new stadium in the City of Industry (for those of you sheltered on the West side, Industry is near downtown). To stay true to its host city, the proposed site would be environmentally sustainable and focused around the city’s role as the capital of entertainment. Like Staples Center and LA Live, the complex would include shopping and restaurants to make games all-day events.

Blade Runner 2? via LA Football Stadium

In case you forgot, LA and California are still broke. So, not surprisingly, the sponsorship possibilities are being touted heavily. The Grey Goose Club! Sony Style Luxury Suite! Loews Cineplex Viewing Rooms! While this may sound like a nightmare for a society already too addicted to advertising, it’s probably the only solution to bring a football team back. With that drawback aside, next fall, think about how nice it’d be not to say “well the Trojans are basically our pro team.”

Who knew Sony was so into football? via LA Football Stadium

At the end of the day, I don’t think I could care less about an actual football team. My Sunday’s are all about getting tan and catching up on gossip magazines. But, a new excuse to tailgate? That’s something I can definitely cheer for.


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