LA 101: Introduction to Dining

While restaurants like The Ivy may be recognizable to people all over the world, any true LA resident knows that these paparazzi-packed places are simply photo opportunities for attention-starved reality stars to end up on TMZ.

Why 38? Why not 37? via Eater LA

Where are the real places to go to get real, amazing food? Check out Eater LA’s 38 Essential Restaurants. Unlike other lists that only consider places that will empty your wallet, Eater includes both dirt-cheap options (Kogi, In-N-Out) and the aforementioned bank-breakers (The Bazaar, Capo). It’s a smartly diverse list that will definitely give you a good cross-section of the city’s eating and watering holes. Besides some glaring snubs (Bouchon? Pink’s?), it’s a good place to start getting acquainted with LA. And once you’re done with this list? Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on everything that comes next.


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One response to “LA 101: Introduction to Dining

  1. I also like Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential LA Restaurants:

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