September to February is a hard time for people who don’t like football. While all your friends talk about special teams, Tom Brady, and some quarterback with a pro-life ad, you sit back and try to make it through until Super Bowl Sunday,when all of those things magically go up in a poof of air for the year. Besides the games though, one of the hardest things to deal with is the feeling of inferiority from not understanding fantasy football.

True fact. But not the creepy dangling from the ceiling of the VMA's Lady Gaga version. via Flickr

Well, good news! Those days are gone, my pop-culturally minded, sports-averse readers! Welcome to Fafarazzi. Instead of creating fantasy football teams, you have the ability to draft celebrities and create a dream team of pop trainwrecks. Every nip slip, vag pop, and drunken slur will get you points. So, instead of just idly reading gossip blogs, why don’t you take a more active role in your trashy voyeurism? It’s actually harder than it looks. While football aficionados may have an injury to worry about ruining their team, we pop aficionados could potentially have a Michael Jackson happen in the middle of the season. And this sport is year-round, although if there could be a Super Bowl for celebrity gossip, it’d be a reason for one hell of  a party.


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