Countdown to Coachella: Gary Numan Edition

Welcome to the weekly Coachella Countdown (Coachella being the giant music festival in Indio, CA)… aka, a trip inside the mind of a majorly neurotic music fiend. Why a countdown to Coachella? Because I spent $300 on a pass, so I’m going to talk about it. Incessantly.

via Beggars UK

But for real– GARY NUMAN. 70’s synth god. Best known for “Cars” and “Are Friends Electric.” If I had my way, Coachella’s line-up would consist exclusively of Gary Numans, Iggy Pops, Adams and the Ants, T-Rexs, but – sigh – 1977 has come and gone. Now all we can hope is that Gary shows up in a pleather jumpsuit and rocks it like the Marc Bolan coke days.

Better know a [better] Coachella artist::


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